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DIY E-Liquids

Something different, every day.

Unleash Your Inner Alchemist - Create DIY E-Liquids at Home!

Craft Custom Vapes & Discover Endless Flavour Possibilities with DIY E-Liquids

Do you crave a truly personalised vaping experience? Look no further than our DIY e-liquid range! Empower yourself to create unique and delicious vape juice flavours tailored to your exact preferences.

A World of Flavour Awaits:

  • Unleash Your Creativity: Become the master of your vape with DIY e-liquids. Experiment with a vast array of flavour concentrates and nicotine strengths to design your dream vape juice.
  • Superior Control: DIY e-liquids offer complete control over flavour intensity, sweetness, and nicotine level, allowing you to find the perfect vape for your taste buds.
  • Cost-Effective Vaping: DIY e-liquids can be a significantly more cost-effective option compared to purchasing pre-made vape juice, especially in the long run.

Essential Elements for DIY:

  • Flavour Concentrates: Explore a vast library of flavour concentrates, ranging from classic fruits and menthols to decadent desserts and unique combinations.
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG) & Propylene Glycol (PG): Choose your preferred VG/PG base ratio, impacting vapour production and throat hit.
  • Nicotine: For those who prefer nicotine, select a suitable nicotine strength to personalise your vape experience. (Note: Age restrictions and local regulations may apply.)
  • Mixing Supplies: Ensure you have the necessary mixing bottles, syringes, and gloves for a safe and efficient DIY experience.

Beyond the Basics:

While DIY e-liquids offer a basic framework, we also provide a range of advanced products like steeping agents and flavor enhancers, allowing you to refine your creations to achieve even more complex and nuanced flavour profiles.

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