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70/30 E-Liquids

Something different, every day.

Unleash Massive Clouds and Intense Flavours: 70/30 E-Liquids for Cloud Chasers

Calling all cloud chasers and flavor enthusiasts! Our expansive collection of 70/30 VG/PG e-liquids offers the perfect combination of thick vapor production and bold flavour profiles.

The 70/30 Advantage:

This higher vegetable glycerin (VG) ratio delivers the following benefits:

  • Dense Clouds: Experience billowing vapour clouds with every satisfying puff, ideal for cloud-chasing enthusiasts.
  • Enhanced Flavour: VG carries flavor well, resulting in richer and more intense taste experiences.
  • Smooth Throat Hit: The balanced blend with propylene glycol (PG) ensures a smooth and enjoyable vape.

A Flavour Bonanza Awaits:

We offer a captivating array of delicious flavours to tantalise your taste buds, including:

  • Fruity Feasts: Dive into a world of juicy delights like mango, strawberry, citrus blends, and exotic fruit fusions.
  • Dessert Dreams: Indulge in creamy classics like vanilla custard, rich chocolate, and decadent pastries.
  • Menthol Magic: Experience a refreshing blast with cool menthol blends or invigorating fruit and menthol combinations.
  • Candy Capades: Relive your childhood favourites with candy-inspired flavours ranging from sour to sweet.
  • And So Much More! Explore our diverse selection to find your perfect vape match.

Designed for Sub-Ohm Vaping:

The higher VG content in our 70/30 e-liquids makes them ideal for sub-ohm vaping devices. These devices utilise lower resistance coils that are specifically designed to handle thicker vape juices, maximizing cloud production and flavour delivery.

Elevate your vape experience with the power of clouds and flavour! Browse our vast selection of 70/30 e-liquids and discover your new all-day-vape favourite today.

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