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Sale Gorgon Spirit - Display box |  Smokey Joes Vapes Co.

Gorgon Spirit - Display box


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Gorgon Spirit

Gorgon Spirit gift box that can also be purchased as an option with your liquid or separately. The box is hand made at our factory and we use a branding iron to inscribe the Gorgon Logo onto the box and to create the burning pattern around the box. We use traditional techniques to make the box just like our liquids, keeping in line with our values and tradition.

The box has a foam bed on the inside and a silk sheet is laid on top of the foam inside of the box to allow you to rest the 100ml glass bottle or multiple 60ml / 50ml bottles within the box. A great gift box as a present or for the vaping connoisseur.


Please Note:

The image with the bottle and certificate is provided illustration purposes only and is available as displayed when you purchase a 100ml glass waxed bottle with a Gift Box.

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