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Heets - Sienna Mint Collection | Smokey Joes Vapes Co

Heets - Sienna Mint Collection


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Collections:Heated Tobacco,  Mint,  Tobacco Flavour

Tags: Heated Tobacco,  Heets,  IQOS,  Mint,  Minty,  Tobacco

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Product Details:

Heets Sienna Mint Collection: Full-Bodied Tobacco Meets Cooling Menthol

Craving a rich and intense tobacco experience with a burst of cool refreshment? Heets Sienna Mint Collection is your perfect match!

These innovative tobacco sticks deliver a flavour profile unlike any other:

  • Full-Bodied & Intense: Indulge in a powerful blend of dark roasted tobacco with woody notes, offering a dense and satisfying texture.
  • Customisable Menthol Blast: Experience a refreshing surge of menthol with a single click, transforming the flavour into a cool and invigorating experience similar to Heets Turquoise.
  • Dense & Rounded: Savor a smooth and well-balanced tobacco taste that lingers pleasantly.

A Smoke-Free Future for Tobacco Enthusiasts:

  • Heat-Not-Burn Technology: Heets utilises advanced technology that heats tobacco to 350°C, eliminating combustion and the associated smoke and ash.
  • Reduced Smell & Indoor Use Potential: Enjoy the taste of tobacco with significantly less odor, potentially allowing for use in more settings (check local regulations).

Heets Sienna Mint Collection - Key Features:

  • Pack of 20 Sticks: Provides a convenient supply for on-the-go use.
  • Contains Nicotine: Offers a familiar sensation for tobacco users transitioning away from cigarettes.
  • Compatible with IQOS System: Designed for seamless use with IQOS devices.
  • Intensity Level 3: Delivers a powerful tobacco experience.
  • Cooling Level 4: Provides a noticeable and intense cooling effect with a single click.
  • Menthol Click Capsule: Customises your experience with a burst of menthol freshness.
  • Easy Replacement: Simply replace the Heets stick after each use.

Embrace the versatility of Heets Sienna Mint!

Experience a bold tobacco flavour with the option of adding a refreshing menthol kick. All while enjoying the benefits of heat-not-burn technology. Order your Heets Sienna Mint Collection today!

Heets - Sienna Mint Collection | Smokey Joes Vapes Co

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