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IVG Concentrate - Blackcurrant Lemonade 30ml


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Product Details:

IVG Concentrate Blackcurrant Lemonade flavoured concentrate is refreshingly zesty lemons blended with dark and sweet blackcurrants. This concentrate works well as a stand-alone flavouring, providing a fresh, crisp and refreshing all day summertime vape, but it also pairs well with citrus or other berries to create a delightful DIY fruit cocktail. IVG Blackcurrant Lemonade Concentrate works brilliantly when mixed with a sweetener and a little kool ade to give it a slightly frosty kick, making it a perfectly relaxing vape on those long hot summer days. IVG concentrates have been blended for you to use as standalone flavours in DIY e-liquid. You could also try blending them with other fruity flavours.

IVG Concentrate - Blackcurrant Lemonade 30ml |  Smokey Joes Vapes Co.

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